The Art Takeaway was an exhibition in Oxford that took place in a Chinese takeaway for the Oxford Playhouse’s Playing Out Season of 2012.

The artwork on display was all things that had been designed to fit inside a takeaway box.  Audience members could then take a piece home upon completion of a pledge set by the artist.


I displayed a floral apron with a “home truth” hand embroidered onto it.  In this case, “I am my mother’s daughter.”  My pledgee then had to write me a letter while at the event and come up with their own home truth which I stitched onto another apron and then sent them a photo of.

Cheryl chose “you can’t take it with you.”  Initially I was going to find another floral fabric do something similar to the first apron but over the summer I was sat in the Prado gallery watching a French film about the Spanish Civil War with Spanish subtitles.  After a while the words just washed over me as I watched these poetically shot images of war, my back to The Guernica which incidentally is one of the most amazing pieces of artwork I have ever seen in the flesh.  Cheryl’s home truth took on a new significance for me as the film brought home the impermanence of everything.

I would like to continue this project at some time.  If you’re interested in participating then just drop me a line.

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