Postal Service was an intimate performance for an audience of one that took place at Camden People’s Theatre for Short Cuts which was part of SPRINT Festival.

Postal Service explored our relationship to the people around us and how we communicate with them.  Conducted in silence and with a large selection of stamps to choose from, I wrote postcards to audience members using their thoughts on letter writing as a starting point and they wrote back to me.

Some people drew pictures, some told me their secrets, some revealed that they wrote regularly and others hadn’t done for about twenty years!  There were some funny stories and a lament about not owning a Mini Cooper.


Everyone got a plain postcard with a first class stamp on to take away.

The idea was developed following “When I was a Little Girl/When I was a Little Boy…” Who Actually Gives a Shit?”  This was a weekend workshop in Morecambe, hosted by Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari of Shunt on the subject of autobiography in performance and why anyone should care.  It was part of DIY 9 2012, organised by the Live Art Development Agency.

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